Tournament rules

No. Area Rule
1. Match Ball The first named team in the fixture is the home team and will supply the match ball.
2. Kit All players must wear football shirts, shorts, socks and shin pads (No Pads, No Play). The Goalkeeper is permitted to wear tracksuit bottoms. In the event of a kit clash the away team will change shirts or wear bibs.
3. Footwear Astro trainers and football boots may be worn. No tennis-type trainers allowed.
4. Format Team format will be 5-a-side for U7 & U8, 6-a-side for U9 Juniors - U16s and 5-a-side for all other age groups (U17 – Vets). Teams with ANY Academy or County league players must play up one age group. This ensures we comply with current FA Regulations.
5. Duration of the games League matches, quarter-finals and semi-finals will be 5 minutes each way. Finals will be 7 minutes each way.
If the scores are level at the end of a knockout stage 5 minutes extra time (one way) will be played.
If scores are even at the end of extra time penalties will decide the result. First 3 penalties will be taken, then sudden death. Only players on the pitch at the end of extra time are allowed to take penalties.
6. Determination of league positions Will be decided on a league basis with 3 points for a win, 2 points for a score draw and 1 point for a no score draw. In the event of teams being equal, positions will be decided as follows; (a) goals scored, (b) sudden death penalty shoot-out utilising all players in squad in rotation.
7. Kick Off The first named team will kick off in the first half; second named team will kick off in second half. A goal can be scored direct from kick off.
8. Offside There is no offside.
9. Free Kicks All ‘Free Kicks’ will be direct with the defending players at least 2 metres away from the ball.
10. Penalties The penalty taker can only take one step before striking the ball. The penalty taker is not permitted to run-up to the ball before taking the shot.
11. Back Pass The normal rules of football apply to the goalkeeper when receiving back passes. The goalkeeper is not allowed to touch any pass from a team-mate with his/her hands. However, the goalkeeper may use the feet to play a pass back from a team-mate. If the goalkeeper does touch a pass from a team-mate with his/her hands then the opponents will be awarded a direct free kick where the defending player last touched the ball, minimum 2 metres from the goal area. If a goal keeper passes the ball to his own player the ball must be played by another player before it can be returned into the area for the keeper to pick up.
12. Goal Kicks, Goalkeeper Drop Kicks, Corner Kicks & Throw Ins Up to U9: Normal league rules apply (including retreat line). (Goalkeeper drop kicks are allowed, and throws are overhead action. Corners and goal kicks are kicks).
Under 10s to Veterans: All to be an under arm bowling action. No side throws, and ball to be rolled along the ground and may not go above knee height. No goalkeeper drop kicks.
13. Ball above head height The ball is allowed to go above head height.
14. Goal Area For U7 to U16s all players are allowed inside the goal area. Goalkeepers are not penalised for going outside the goal area unless they handle the ball.
For U18s and above only the goalkeeper is allowed inside the goal area. If an outfield player gains an advantage by entering the area, penalties are as follows: -
(a)   by the defence—penalty kick. Please note that if a defender unintentionally enters the area and gains no advantage a penalty will NOT be given.
(b)   by the attack—ball is given to goalkeeper to roll out.
If the goalkeeper goes out of the penalty area and gains an advantage a penalty will be awarded. If the goalkeeper’s momentum takes him/her outside the goal area, it will not be penalised unless the referee decides that by doing so the goalkeeper has gained an advantage.
15. Slide Tackles Slide tackles are forbidden. Penalty is a direct free kick. A player may slide to play the ball provided there are no players within playing distance of the ball. Referee’s decision is final.
16. Substitutions Rolling substitutions are permitted, with the referee’s permission, at any point during the game. The substituted player must first leave the pitch before being replaced.
17. Eligibility Once a player is registered with a team he or she cannot play in any other team.
18. Age Group Teams must have available proof of all players’ ages to settle any dispute. Failure to do so could result in your team being disqualified from the tournament.
19. Squad Size The maximum squad size for both 5-a-side and 6-a-side is 10.
20. Referees A referee will be appointed to officiate each game. He or she will have the same powers as laid out in the Laws of Association Football. The referee’s interpretation of the tournament rules is final.
21. Red and Yellow Cards Any player receiving a yellow card will automatically be suspended from his/her team’s next fixture.
Any player receiving a red card will automatically be suspended from taking any further part in the tournament. Examples of offences that may lead to a sending off are serious foul play, violent conduct, spitting and offensive or insulting or abusive language and/or gestures.
Players receiving 2 cautions, even if in different matches, will be suspended from the tournament.

All teams should be aware that Barming Youth F.C. fully supports the F.A. Respect programme, and teams are responsible for the behaviour of their players, officials and spectators. Any abuse either verbal or physical to players, officials or spectators will not be tolerated and may result in the offending team/official/spectator being expelled from the tournament.



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